ATMP is a web page for amateur telescope makers who, having completed their first telescopes, are now seeking more challenging projects, or perhaps simply hoping to perfect their technique. It is also a page for those who would like to share their experience with others. For starters, these are my own projects, or in some cases, shared projects with other ATM'ers. My hope is that we can publish the work of others. If you would like to bring your project to ATMP, send me the .pdf or .doc file for consideration. (See contact information below)

Dedication - In memory of my friend, Bob Bolster

The Wright Telescope - Description of a 9 inch Wright-Schmidt telescope

Conic Sections  -  A brief mathematical tour with applications

Simulation of the Figuring Process - An attempted computer code

How to Make a Flat (and Why Not To) - Experiences gleaned through suffering.

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